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Caturra, Mondo Novo, Catuai



When the Rodríguez family purchased Muxbal Estate in 1959, there was no road to the farm - you had to climb up the mountain on foot to access the farm they had just purchased. Additionally, the farm only had three buildings on-site: one small house that had been taken over by pigs and chickens, and one each of a rundown wet and dry mill. The farm land needed to be completely replanted. In less than ideal purchasing condition, the family fixed up the house, and little by little they replanted the farm with new coffee. It wasn’t until 1965 they started to build a road for mules to bring the coffee down from the farm. Shortly after that, in 1966, Enrique Rodríguez developed a patronage with the local government in order to pave a road to Unión Juárez. The road was finally completed in 1979. Today, Enrique’s son, Jorge, gets to share the thriving family farm that he was raised on with the world, all through his coffee.

Finca Muxbal is located on a plateau at 1560 meters above the foot of the Tacaná volcano,bordering Guatemala.The estate is 236 hectares, of which 60% is planted with Catuai and Mondo Novo. The remaining 40% is an ecological reserve that protects rainforest, rivers, springs, flora and fauna. The rich volcanic soil, good environmental practices, shade coverage and specific microclimate provides the ideal conditions for excellent coffee production. Muxbal not only focuses on environmental responsibility, but also social responsibility. Their facilities include a kitchen, tortilladora, dining room, and housing for all employees of the farm. In addition to all of this, the farm also offers schooling for the coffee community’s children during the high season - everyone is taken care of and accounted for.


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