Mexico - FESICH Chiapas


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Maple Syrup


Bourbon, Caturra, Sarchimor & Catimor



Federación de Sociedades Cooperativas Indígenas y Ecológicas de Chiapas (FESICH) was founded in 2009 by five groups of producers. Each producer does their own wet milling process and dries the coffee on their own patios before delivering the coffee to the organization.

FESICH has a certified volume of 28,000 qq of Fairtrade Organic coffee and together they have established a renovation program, built a nursery, and offered training for leaf rust treatment to producers. They also support themselves as a community with small producer financing.


We work with cafes, restaurants and bakeries to help them serve seriously incredible coffee. Our coffee, our training and any other support you may need is just an email away.