La Granada Loco Pink Bourbon


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Colombia - 1,700 MASL
Tasting Notes


Tart Cherry

Sweet Ginger


Pink Bourbon



This crazy Pink Bourbon coffee comes from Acevedo in the Huila region of Colombia. Don Gabriel Castaño discovered this pink hue variant in the midst of his Red and Yellow Bourbon trees around 7 years ago. The Pink Bourbon mutation is more resistant to coffee leaf rust and drought but is rather difficult to perfect on the cupping table. With hard work and determination, however, the pink bourbon coming from Don Gabriel's La Granada farm is a thing of beauty. A neighboring farm and producer called Café Tio Conejo aided in the perfection of this coffee by using a 36 hour fermentation, fully washed process and standard rotation practices on a drying patio for 20 days. Our Roastery manager/green buyer/Brewer's Cup extraordinaire took this cup to National Brewer's Cup and tied for 11th place! It is a remarkable cup and we think you will go "crazy" for it.


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