La Colmenita


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Guatemala — 1,750+ masl
Tasting Notes





Caturra, Catuai, Castillo,  Bourbon



Finca La Colmenita is located in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, in the Buena Vista area. We get this beautiful coffee from Onyx Coffee Importing out of Bellingham, Washington. This will be our second coffee sourced from them and definitely wont be our last. They always have the best tasting Guatemalan coffees out there. 

La Colmenita translates to "the beehive". The area is called Buena Vista which means "good view". The farm overlooks the whole mountainside. 

Finca La Colmenita is owned and operated by Francisco Cardona Martin. He purchased the farm in 2002 and has since turned it into a beautiful and well operating farm that consistanly produces some of the highest scoring coffees. Francisco's plan was to plant only the best coffee trees, keeping the higher quality ones separated to retain that high quality. He also processes the coffees right there on the farm. He built a drying patio on the roof of his home and that is where all his coffee dries. 

Nearly all the money he gains from his coffee sales goes right back into Finca La Colmenita. And when you invest in business like that, you can expect quality to continue to go up. 

In the cup, we can definitely taste that quality! We taste a lot of fruit flavors and great acidity. We taste pomegranate, clementine, and chamomile. 




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