Kainamui AA


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Kenya — 1,750 masl
Tasting Notes

Red Grapefruit


Kaffir Lime


SL 28, SL 34



The Kainamui processing facility is located near the town of Ngariama, in the Gichugu region of the Kirinyaga district. It rests on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, nestled in Kenya's agriculturally rich Central Province. The facility itself is at an altitude of 1460 masl, benefiting the processing of coffee. Kainamui has an average production of about 550,000 K of coffee per year, boasting bright citrus acidity, full body, and black currant and chocolate notes. The areas red volcanic loam soil also supports shade trees such at Gravellea, Macadamia, Eucalyptus and other crops like Tea, Maize, Bananas, and an array of vegetables. Kainamui's relationship with its contributing farmers includes field visits by agricultural ministers and agro-companies, training programs and the opportunity for farmers to receive advances to help cover school fees, production costs, and emergencies. The total membership at Kainamui numbers 1800 farmers, 1100 male and 600 female, each with an average of 200 trees.


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