Huila Regional Select Espresso


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Colombia - 1,200-2,000 masl

Tasting Notes


Key Lime

Brown Sugar


Castillo, Caturra, Colombia


Fully Washed

In 2013, Café Imports initiated a project intended to highlight the unique cup profiles inherent to coffees from various micro-regions within the coffee producing areas of Colombia. Recognizing the impact of microclimate including sun, rain, soil health, and altitude as well as varieties grown, processing techniques and different growing practices. It became apparent that simply calling a coffee “Colombian” doesn't even scratch the surface. Joining forces with Colombian export partner Banexport, Café Imports planted the seed that would blossom into a multi-national Regional Select program. During the harvest season, growers from within certain communities—for instance, Cauca, Tolima, Huila, and Nariño in Colombia—have their coffees cupped and scored for potential inclusion in a “Regional Select” lot, a coffee that scores between 86–88 points and displays characteristics indicative of its growing region. Comprised of multiple coffees from small-hold farmers within the coffee growing communities, Regional Select coffees offer producers a quality premium that encourages investment and development into future yields, while also bringing to market some of the best and most articulate flavor profiles.


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