Huehuetenango Regional Select


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Guatemala — 1,500+ masl
Tasting Notes

Rose Water


Dark Honey


Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Paches



This is another wonderful coffee we get from Cafe Imports. This is one of their Regional Select programs that helps smaller farms in regions of coffee growing countries allow their coffees to be showcased with a greater reach. This will be our 3 program coffee with Cafe Imports as they continue to supply really amazing coffees that not only benefit out taste buds, but also the farmers themselves. 

This coffee specifically comes from Waykan, Guatemala. Guatemala typically produces very unique coffees. They have lots of juicy and rich flavor, but also retail a certain level of delicacy and floral flavor. This coffee certainly does not disappoint! We were very surprised by the awesome jumping flavor we got from the cup, like papaya and sweetness like dark honey. Lastly it finishes off with a unique rose water flavor. 



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