Guji Uraga Tabe Tome Station


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Ethiopia — 1,950-2,200 MASL
Tasting Notes

Star Jasmine

Simple Syrup 

Earl Grey





The Tome washing station site is named after the town in which it is located. Sitting at about 1950 meters above sea level, Tome Station marks the lowest end of the altitude spectrum and farms reach up to 2200 meters. This privately owned washing station processes the coffees from outgrowers in the Tome highland areas. Hundreds of farmers with very small plots of coffee, often less than a hectare in size, sell their coffee to the station which are then blended together in larger process batches organized by delivery dates.

 Tome shows a perfumed, sweet cup character with intense florals and simple syrup sweetness,  elegant top notes of Earl Grey tea, mace, strawberry hard candy and lemon-like acidity.


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