Guatemala - Finca Nueva Granada


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During harvest time at Finca Nueva Granada, in the municipality of San Marcos, workers strap wicker baskets to their waists each morning, preparing to pass through the farm's full groves, making pregnant bellies of deep red coffee cherries.

Nestled between Guatemala's tallest volcanoes, Tajumulco and Tacana, the coffee trees at Finca Nueva Granada sit high on mountainous slopes in soil made rich by volcanic ash. After picking, employees use the farm's spring water source to pulp the cherries, washing and grading the coffees before they are dried on patios.

This Bourbon varietal from Finca Nueva Granada was grown at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level in the western highlands of Guatemala. In this agricultural community, Finca Nueva Granada provides onsite schooling for employees' children. In addition, the organization prioritizes funding the Fundación para Niños Quemados de Guatemala, an organization that provides timely care in cases of pediatric burn accidents.


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