Fazenda Furnas


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Brazil — 1,000 - 1,300 masl
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Yellow Catuai



This coffee is a straight forward natural process Brazil as far as flavors go. There is lots of citrics like lemons and plenty of chocolate and nougat. These are flavors we've come to love from Natural Brazilian coffees. What sets this coffee apart is the quality of those flavors and where the coffee comes from. It comes from Carmo de Minas in Brazil from the Fazenda Furnas. Fazenda Furnas is owned and operated by Rinaldo Junquiera and it maxes out around 1,300 meters above sea level.  The coffee is natural process, but that doesnt mean there isnt any water used. What water is used, is collected in a pond on the lower end the farm and later recycled to used during farming. 

This coffee showcases flavors such as lemons and dark and milk chocolate. Finishing dry and long with good nougat or cocoa nibs that last. It also has a mild taste of thick skinned purple grapes; like the grapes used in merlot wine. 


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