Brazil Fazenda Campos Altos


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Brazil — 1,200+ MASL
Tasting Notes

Dried Berry


Baking Chocolate




Natural Process

This coffee is from the Serrinha farm in Campos Altos growing region, one of two farms operated by the family of Jose Maria de Oliveira. This particular farm tops out around 1200 meters above sea level, and is planted in several different varietals, this being a Topazio separation (a cross between Mundo Novo and Catuai, that is relatively short in stature, and high yield). This is dry processed lot, meaning the whole cherry is picked from the tree and then laid out to dry for roughly 30 days, after which the dried cherry and parchment layer are mechanically removed. This type of processing tends to impart some fruited flavor on the seed, as well as mute acidity, and produce big body.


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