Estaban Madrid El Sauce


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Honduras — 1,400+ masl
Tasting Notes

Sweet Stone Fruit


Dark Chocolate




Fully Washed

Here is a quick description of the coffee from the Olam Specialty Coffee Importers whom we got this awesome coffee from : "This is an SHG EP grade coffee from the Santa Barbara district of Western Honduras. This microlot separation from producer Esteban Madrid El Sauce was dry milled at Beneficio San Vicente. Esteban Madrid and his family were the pioneers of specialty coffee preparation in El Sauce area. Esteban won 1st place in COE 2008 with this coffee, when he first started preparing microlots. With the years, Esteban and his family have grown and started produce a more diverse range of coffees and different volumes, expanding their business to many coffee consuming markets around the globe. Esteban and his son Franklin lead the operation and also collaborate with other farmers in their community." 

We really enjoy this coffee in both brew and espresso. Honduran coffees always showcase well in a variety of brewing methods, they are very dynamic. We taste in this coffee lots of stone fruit! Plums, nectarines, cherries, dates. Then it finishes off with a great dark chocolate flavor. This coffee has lots of sweetness and is very well balanced. This will be a crowd favorite. 


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