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Colombia -1,750-2,200masl

Tasting Notes



Cascade Hops


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Typica




This is yet again another great community coffee to come out of Colombia and from Cafe Imports. We've been using Cafe Imports since we started roasting not only for their high quality offerings, but their dedication to help the communities they get the coffee from. This is one day our goal to be able to directly impact communities of coffee, but until then, we live vicariously through Cafe Imports. 

Cooperativa Multiétnica Y Pluricultural De Pequeños Caficultores Del Cauca, or COMEPCAFE, founded in 2010 by a small-but-mighty group of 44 producers, has grown to include nearly 1,000. Inside COMEPCAFE, when it's harvest season, they choose not to outsource the labor and time intensive job of picking, but rather turning to picking, sorting, and delivering the coffees with each other. 

COMEPCAFE continues to deliver high quality coffee every year. This is due to their location being a very high elevation coffee and producing quality varietals. This is also due to their own work in the processing. They are meticulous about how they process their coffee and it shows in the quality of the cup. 

When we taste this coffee, we pick up notes of ; balances acidity in grapefruit, with good sweetness from a medium cocoa chocolate as well as wonderful bitters notes like Cascade hops that also gives it a complex vibrance. 


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