Decaf - Kayokwe Station SWP


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Burundi — 2,000+ masl
Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate


Cane Sugar




Washed : Swiss Water Process Decaffeination


Kayokwe is a privately owned wet mill in Kibumbu, Mwaro Province. Kayokwe station acts as a centrally located wet mill for the farmers in the surrounding highlands ("Commune Kayokwe") to sell and have their coffee cherry processed. Like most of Burundi, Bourbon is the dominant cultivar grown, and the 2000+ family "farms" who sell their coffee to Kayokwe, tend to be in the .5 to 1 hectare range; much more like gardens in respect to size. This is a custom decaf processed by Swiss Water Decaf in Vancouver, BC. This non-chemical process method uses only water to remove 99.9% of caffeine from the coffee, while retaining much of the volatile compounds that affect aroma and flavor. 


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