Decaf - Jagong Jeget SWP


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Sumatra— 1,400-1,700 masl
Tasting Notes

Baked Apple

Rice Syrup

Pipe Tobacco


Ateng, Tim Tim, Typica


Wet Hulled : Swiss Water Process Decaffeination


The village of Jagong Jeget is locted in the Aceh Province, an area that occupies the northern territory of Sumatra. This mountainous region is home to some fairly high peaks for Aceh, contributing farms for this lot ranging from 1400 meters above sea level to upwards of 1700. There is a central wet mill here where coffee is collected and processed. The operation is a step above most of the home-processing you might run across in Sumatra, and with washing and floating channels to help with separation and cleanliness, it's much more akin to a wet-mill operation we might see in Latin America for example. The coffee is processed in the traditional Giling Basah method, which produces what are perhaps Sumatra's signature earth and herbal toned coffee. We were really pleased with this coffee as a non-decaf (perhaps you were too!), and bought a large enough lot that we were able to send some off for decaffeination by the Swiss Water Decaf plant in Vancouver, Canada.

-Coffee Shrub


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