Decaf - Sidama Swiss Water Process


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Ethiopia — 1,900+ masl
Tasting Notes

Sweet Chocolate


Cocoa Nibs


Ethiopia Heirloom


Washed : Swiss Water Process Decaffeination


"This a Swiss Water® Process decaffeinated coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia. The Swiss Water® Process uses pure green coffee extract and proprietary carbon technology to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. The beans are first soaked in very hot water and caffeine is leached out of the beans' cellular material to create green coffee extract. The solution is then passed through a carbon filter. They have specified the pore size of the carbon to match the caffeine molecule to ensure only the caffeine is trapped when the caffeine is captured from the green coffee extract. The Swiss Water Process is certified organic and 100% chemical free. In addition, they are also certified Kosher by the Kosher Overseers Association. "

-Olam Specialty Coffee Importers


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