Costa Rica - Tirra Honey


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Caturra, Catuai


Honey Process

CoopeTarrazú is a Costa Rican cooperative made of over 3,500 partners and associates in the province of San José.
Bearing in mind the organization's values of solidarity and sustainability, CoopeTarrazú prioritizes the welfare of its
associates, their families, and communities by providing hands-on technical assistance and investing in solutions to
combat challenges like coffee rust.
One of the most recognizable coffee-producing regions in Costa Rica, Tarrazú accounts for 25 percent of the
country's total coffee production. Each coffee exported by CoopeTarrazú is cultivated at an elevation of 1,200 to
1,900 meters above sea level. Harvest coincides with the region's dry season, which lasts from November to
March, this contributes not only to coffee uniformity but also the ability to process the coffee by sun-drying.


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