CESMACH Co-Op Womens Producers


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Mexico — 980 - 1,720 masl
Tasting Notes

French Vanilla

Macadamia Nut

Candied Orange


CESMACH Co-Op Womens Producers El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve



The co-op boasts 224 women members: Some are widows, some are private landowners themselves, and some have partners and husbands that have emigrated for other work opportunities. As representation of the women in co-op, one women producer is on CESMACH’s board of directors. This is a massive step toward increased empowerment for women, especially in Mexico — a state with traditionally machista culture. The CESMACH Women Producers are not just looking to produce just any coffee grown by women, they also adhere to CESMACH’s quality standards and are pushing for that perfect cup.

The story to tell isn’t only one of women rising up together to improve their lives and the lives of others; it is also a story of passion and love. These women have been working with coffee for most of their lives. They understand its viability, the need for focused labor, and the importance of management in terms of both time and money.

The 2017 harvest marks the sixth year of the CESMACH Women’s Producer Program. We are extremely proud to share this coffee with you, and plan to continue to do so indefinitely.


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