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DR Congo — 1,600-2,000masl
Tasting Notes

White Grape






The DR Congo coffee comes from the SOPACDI. This cooperative relies on farmers in the Kivu Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to work together to produce some of the finest coffee in Africa. Now recovering from a civil war that ended in 2003, DR Congo is able to produce higher quality coffees, like this one that achieved Kivu 2 score, the top national grade. SOPACDI allows the people and farmers of DR Congo to rebuild their families and reproduce a thriving country. In total there is about 5600 farmers contributing to SOPACDI. 

This coffee reminds us of lots of fun flavors. This coffee is delicate and light in body, with notes of white grape and good lemonade like acidity. It also showcases a stone fruit like flavors such as prune or a plum. Lastly, it finishes as toffee or peanut butter brittle. Expect this cup to get very sweet as it cools. 


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