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Located in Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, La Reserva exemplifies the struggle that
is coffee farming, but is also a sign of what’s possible with perseverance. The
farm is split between two areas, and nearly half of this land is within a
protected nature preserve and is home to a wide diversity of plants and
animals, including the endangered Andean Bear. The other half of the land lies
on its own and has seen its fair share of challenges, as the previous owners were
unable to maintain it due to insufficient profit from low coffee prices.
The land has now been taken over by a pioneering farmer, Juan Felipe, who
looked past the abandoned plots and saw the teeming potential for specialty
coffee. Noticing the fertile lands and high altitudes, between 1,600 m.a.s.l. and
2,000, Juan took the initiative to breathe new life into this beautiful
In its fourth year of focused specialty production, the coffees from La Reserva
are really showcasing the depth and diversity of its land. Consisting primarily
of Caturra and Colombia varieties, the coffee possesses a pronounced citrus
fruit character, natural sweetness, and a pleasantly creamy body. The utilization
of various processing techniques, whether it be washed, honey, or natural, only
further accentuates the diversity of flavors possible from the coffee at La


Lactic Fermentation:

Processing that under anaerobic conditions in barrels and constant
monitoring creates the environment that allows the growth of Lactic Bacteria.
Measuring oxygen levels, sugar content (Brix), temperature, and pH
throughout the fermentation. The bacterias feed on the sugar from the
mucilage creating high concentrations of lactic acid. After the fermentation
stage has been completed, the coffee is taken to dry on African raised beds.


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