Colombia Cadefihuila


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1,100-1,550  MASL
Tasting Notes

Green Apple




Caturra & Castillo



Located in Nieva, Huila, Cadefihuila was established in 1963 when a group of coffee growers joined forces to develop opportunities for sustainable coffee growing practices and to empower its members by providing access to better methods for drying parchment. Through this, the Cooperative has achieved success by improving their coffee quality, supporting their farmers, and by creating an organization that enables their farmers to reach across borders with a coffee they can be proud to share with us.

Cadefihuila’s smallholder farms spread across Southern Colombia in the Andes Mountain Range. These small acre farms have fertile lands and high altitudes, between 1,100 m.a.s.l. and 1,550 are ideal for growing quality coffee. Consisting primarily of Caturra and Castillo varieties, this coffee possesses a natural sweetness, hints of green apple, citrus, apricot, and pleasantly creamy body.


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