Brazil - Sul de Minas


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1,080 - 1,140  MASL
Tasting Notes


Milk Chocolate



Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuai, Icatu



Cooperativa Varginha, Minasul, founded in 1958, has solid values such as respect, transparency, and excellence. With 7,5000 members, it receives coffee from more than 150 cities in Minas Gerais. The mission of Minasul is to stimulate the improvement of quality and promote the potential that its region has to produce specialty coffee.

Working for over 60 years they have built strong relationships with producers and now have a wide range of support for their members. They have consulting and financial programs, a field academy that teaches businesses and agricultural management of farms, a technical assistance team of trained professionals, and a large healthcare network aimed at taking care of members. Coop Varginha works with UTZ, 4C, Fair Trade, USDA Organic, and Rainforest Alliance. Coffee arrives from the farm to the cooperative and is carefully prepared with modern machinery and experienced professionals and is evaluated for quality until ready for export.


We work with cafes, restaurants and bakeries to help them serve seriously incredible coffee. Our coffee, our training and any other support you may need is just an email away.