Bedhatu Jibicho Natural


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Concord Grape



Ethiopian Heirloom


Fully Natural

A great natural process Ethiopian coffee will change the way people think about coffee. When they try it for the first time, it will make people say, "this is coffee?!". They are so floral and abundant with flavor that it shocks people. This is one of those coffees. Except this one will shock even the most experienced coffee drinker. 

This coffee comes from the Banko Gotiti Cooperative. But it's not a multi-farm coffee like most coffees from Ethiopia. This coffee comes from a single farmer and her name is Bedhatu Jibicho. Ms. Jibicho has been producing coffee since the 1960's. She herself is 80 years old. It's exceptionally uncommon to find coffee that comes from a single farmer in Ethiopia, but Ms. Jibicho's coffee is so great that it is exception to that rule. 

This coffee has many flavors and aromas. But the most commons ones we found are watermelon, concord grape, and boysenberry. The watermelon flavor is soft and subtle, but a very sweet and juicy melon flavor. The concord grape is a deep red/purple fruit flavor with soft tartaric acidity, almost reminds us of wine. Lastly the boysenberry (a cross breed between raspberry and blackberry) just rounds out the flavors. There are also slight chocolate flavors that come on the back end of this cup. 


This coffee is very limited supply. So much so that we are only offering this in retail (12oz) size bags. We want to share this coffee with as many people as we can! 


Enjoy it while it's here!



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