Roast Philosophy

Steadfast Coffee Roasters create a distinct roasting profile for every coffee in order to accentuate its terroir, or unique growing environment. This allows the conversation to move away from superficial “light” vs “dark” preferences to a more nuanced exploration of the complex flavors and qualities that define a coffee itself.


We cup every batch of coffee that’s roasted to ensure the quality of the seed has been maintained and to dial in our profiles as consistently as possible. We also celebrate the hard work that has come before us by using sustainable and relationship-building sourcing practices with both farmers and importers.


Our roasting team takes “origin trips” to source, cup and score our coffees at the farms themselves. After making buying decisions on the spot, it’s then our joint duty (us and the farmer) to find a trust- worthy importer to transport the coffee. The result is the ultimate in sustainable purchasing, longevity of product quality and traceability on the farm level.


Roasting on a Diedrich IR-12 allows us to fully develop the core of the seed while also ensuring no flavor is lost through over-roasting. While most commercial roasters use conductive and convective heat, the IR-12 adds in radiant heat with the addition of heat exchangers running along the top of the roaster. This allows an even exothermic and endothermic cooking of the seed.


We work with cafes, restaurants and bakeries to help them serve seriously incredible coffee. Our coffee, our training and any other support you may need is just an email away.


Business hours from 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.

Steadfast Roastery
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